Excessive Excursionist

My life- in 2D.

About Excessive Excursionist

Hi there, I’m Steve. Just a guy who loves the experiences that life affords, and now has a place to show it in words and pictures.

Born and raised in South Florida, I now find myself planted in New Jersey, a hop, skip and jump away from Philadelphia. I love sports, music, technology and leisure-time activity. I am an avid Florida Gators, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat and Florida Marlins fan. I also have a soft spot for all of the Denver pro teams, living twice in the city, with Denver being my favorite place in the U.S.A.

My passion is modern technology. Working in I.T. affords me the opportunity of being in a field that is in constant change. The challenge of learning new technologies in never-ending, which is the most exciting aspect to me.

Classic Rock music is my daily sanctuary. It all starts with The Beatles (since I can literally remember). Cheap Trick, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd- to name a few.

A work in progress- more to come, as it comes to me. Thank you for tuning in, I only hope that my blog entertains you, even if for only a fleeting moment….


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