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Monday Music Pick- “ReaLife” by Lollipop Factory

Every Monday (in theory, at least), I’ll post here, a song that grooves me. Hopefully it’ll groove you too. If possible, I’ll provide the entire song, via You Tube. If not possible, a link to hear a snippet of the tune. I’ve always loved introducing people to new material- some of the more obscure stuff. Enjoy.

For my first pick, I’ll take a song that has been stuck in my head- literally, for two weeks straight now. It’s from a Power Pop band, out of Ohio, called Lollipop Factory (you can see my blog about the live show I saw, HERE.

A great blend of influences here- from Queen to Klaatu, with a sprinkling of 10cc (yes, i’m really testing your 70’s music knowledge here).

Great tempo-changes, thought-provoking lyrics, off-the-chart vocals, and overall great production, has made this my “Get-up-and-go-in-the-morning” song. More potent than 3 cups of Espresso, “ReaLife” is sure to please.

I made a “video” for the song, being there was no other way to hear the whole song online. So please, don’t judge the song by the video! I just needed a platform to bring the song to you, and hey, I think it’s a lot better than watching five minutes of an album cover!

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